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Win A Pin!

Madison Pinball will be giving away a pinball machine in 2024, and all you have to do for a chance to win YOUR VERY OWN PINBALL MACHINE is come play some pinball with us! We did this once before back in 2017, and decided it would be fun to bring it back again. There will be some great additional runner-up giveaways as well that will be gathered and announced throughout the year!

How it works:

You will receive 1 entry into the end of year raffle for every IFPA sanctioned Event you participate in at Madison Pinball locations. This includes:

  1. Monthly Meet-ups / Stern Army IFPA Tournaments

  2. Launch Parties (any Stern, JJP, Spooky or other game launch parties)

  3. Belles & Chimes IFPA

  4. Any other IFPA sanctioned tournament at Madison Pinball locations

You will ALSO receive 1 additional entry if you finish in the top 50% of any Event!

Where and When:

Monthly Meet-ups / IFPA tournaments are held regularly at the following locations:

Any other IFPA sanctioned Events run at I/O Arcade, Schwoegler’s, Pooleys or Sugar River Lanes during 2024 are also eligible for entries into the drawing!

The Drawing:

Each entry accumulated throughout the year will be compiled into a list and given an individual number.  At the final I/O Arcade tournament in December, we will randomly draw a winner using a random number generator (

*NEED NOT BE PRESENT at the drawing to win pinball machine, but it must be picked up by the winner within 30 days of drawing.
*Winner or proxy MUST BE PRESENT at the drawing for runner-up giveaways.  
*Pinball machine will be fully functional and working with a value of at least $1000.  Specific game to be announced at a later date.

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