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Uh-oh!  Something must have gone wrong with one of our games.  We want to get this fixed quickly for you, and appreciate being notified!


​Please fill out the below form with:

1. The name of the game with the problem

2. Your Email info so we can let you know when the game is fixed.

3. Describe the problem as best as possible.  For example "Right upper flipper on Scared Stiff is not working" or "drop target on StarTrek is stuck up" or ...


Thanks VERY much for supporting location pinball and helping us keep games working and playing well by reporting problems!  We appreciate it!


Hilton, Sean and Garrett

Game Name *

Your Email *

Description of the Issue (more detail the better) *

We really appreciate your feedback and will try our best to fix the game ASAP. Thanks for supporting location Pinball

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