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Madison Pinball Fall FlipOut September

Madison Pinball has decided to run another month long full sanctioned IFPA selfie event due to requests of all you!

Event is worth full WPPR points and the more people that play the more points the event will be worth under current WPPR rules so get your friends to play also!





Alt Brew


What: Month long tournament for fun, trophies, and IFPA points.  Door prizes from this events sponsor

When: Qualifying round is Sept 1st 2017 – Oct 5th at midnight
STRICT cut off for score submission.  All scores must be submitted to the FaceBook group within 48hrs of playing a game and also by the end of qualifying.

Playoffs on Friday Oct 6th 6pm at LOCATION = TBD

Qualify at:

Pooley’s (5441 High Crossing Boulevard, Madison, WI 53590)


Schwoegler’s (444 Grand Canyon Dr, Madison, WI 53719)


Alt Brew (1806 Wright St, Madison, WI 53704)


Maria's (1444 East Washington Ave, Madison, WI 53703)

Cost: FREE if you put up atleast 8 qualifying scores in the first 7 days of qualifying.
Alternatively, $5 PayPal gift or cash paid to to enter (coin drop to play at locations).  100% of all entries will be used for trophies/prizes.  Registration open NOW through the entirety of the event.  100% of ALL entries go towards trophies/prizes for players.  You can also pay in cash in person to me if you so desire.  ***Registration is waived for any person that has never played in a Madison Pinball Quarterly event previously as a way to promote competitive pinball.  New players must still register in advance of competing and submit scores on all machines by the end of the event.  If you register for the event, play games, but do not turn in scores on time, then you will be given a score of "1" on all games and are considered a full participant since you played games.


Why: For fun! More local pinball competition! WPPR points for all!


PARTY:  What, you said party?  YES, as thanks for everyone's support, following the conclusion of the event we plan to have an awards ceremony.  FRIDAY Oct 6th from 6:00 to 9:30pm (playoffs start at 6pm; free play starts at ~7:30pm/conclusion of playoffs).  Games will be on free play at for all participants for approximately 2hours (7:30-9:30pm).  Playoffs start at 6pm.  PARTY and PLAYOFF will happen at TBD.


Brief Description of event: Best score format on 12 total games with unlimited attempts for the entire month >  ONLY TOP 9 scores matter for ranking purposes!  Players track their own scores, document best scores with photos, and submit all best scores to the new FaceBook group within 48hrs of playing the game.  Players may only use scores AFTER officially registering for the event.  Any scores prior to registering are void and submitting them is against the rules.


We are now using the Never Drains tournament software. 

You submit scores to the Madison Pinball Quarterly Tournament FaceBook page throughout the month.  JOIN the facebook page so you can submit photos of your scores >>>

These scores will be uploaded as soon as possible and standings can be viewed at

There is also a live action TV at Alt Brew which shows all scores and updates as the event progresses.


IFPA Required PLAYOFF: IFPA rules REQUIRE we have a playoff for this event.  Playoff format will be a match play style where you can not drop more than 3 places from where you qualified.  In other words there is incentive to qualify high as well as perform well in playoffs. Top 8 players will qualify for playoff (note that IFPA only allows 50% cut off for playoffs so must have 16 players to do a top 8 playoff).  Playoff will consist of 3 rounds of play on 3 preselected games each round.  

Round 1: Qualifiers 8, 7, 6, and 5 match play on 3 games with 4,3,2,1 scoring.  Top 3 players continue on.  

Round 2: Winners from round 1 and qualifier 4 match play on 3 games with 4,3,2,1 scoring.  Top 3 players continue on.

Round 3: Winners from round 2 and qualifier 3 match play on 3 games with 4,3,2,1 scoring.  Top 3 players continue on.

Round 4: Winners from round 3 and qualifier 2 match play on 3 games with 4,3,2,1 scoring.  Top 3 players continue on.

Round 5: Winners from round 4 and qualifier 1 match play on 3 games with 4,3,2,1 scoring.  Final positions based on playoff scoring

*players need to check in by 5:50pm if you are in the intitial 4 pack/ round 1.  Please keep an eye out here for any additional details.  All games on location are possible options for playoff rounds and will be predetermined by officials.  Those qualifying higher will get choice of position for each round and play order is maintained for the entire round.  Players will be playing on multiple games at a single time in order to keep the playoff rounds running smoothly.

Any ties after 3 games will be broken based on score of the final game in the round. 



Please note that Free play after party will start at ~7:30pm.


The details:

Players must register BEFORE competing.  PayPal gift payment of $5 to to register.  The entry to participate is $5 and 100% of this goes directly to the trophies/prizes.  Games require coin drop since they are on location.  Trophies/prizes for top 8, but additional prizes may go deeper depending on # of players.


This tournament features Unlimited Play format for the entire month (all scores must be submitted with time stamp by midnight on the last day of the qualifying at latest to count).  Play at your leisure during this month long event and as often as you like.  Please be VERY respectful of these locations and that they are supporting pinball in Madison.  They are not affiliated with this tournament so they will be unable to address any issues or questions.  Please contact with any questions.


3 games for play at Pooley’s (5441 High Crossing Boulevard, Madison, WI 53590) will be:

3 games for play at Schwoeglers (444 Grand Canyon Dr, Madison, WI 53719) will be:

3 games for play at Alt Brew (1806 Wright St, Madison WI 53704) will be:

3 games for play at Maria's (1444 East Washington Ave, Madison WI 53703) will be:

NOTE: ONLY your top 9 game scores are used for ranking position.  You can play all 12 games but only need 9 to count.


Please note that any code updates provided by manufacturers prior to the mid way point of the month will result in game updates.  Please plan your play accordingly.


Upon registering players are free to play and submit scores to the FaceBook tournament page.    After getting your personal best high score on a game, a player must take a picture of the score which clearly shows the game being played and the score (score must be clearly seen in photo for verification purposes; PLEASE NOTE THAT A UNIQUE IDENTIFIER WILL BE NEAR SCORE DISPLAY ON EACH GAME AND MUST BE IN PHOTO ALSO).  If you were playing a multi-player game you must clearly indicate which score was yours.  Players must submit a score for each game by last day of month at midnight in order for it to count in this tournament.  Players are asked to submit their scores throughout the month directly to the Madison Pinball Quarterly Tournament FaceBook page.  facebook page located >>>

Players may also email photos to but preference is to post directly to the FB page.


For scores to count each player MUST have all scores submitted to the FB page within 48 hours of the score being posted and scores must be timestamped as submitted prior to midnight on the final day.  If you are unable to post to the facebook page then please email photos directly to and they will be posted for you.


Your confirmation of score submission is self regulated by checking the Never Drains score log.  Please inform tournament official if you note a score entry error on the Never Drains software.  Scores will be updated every day or 2.


Please note that scores during other monthly tournaments are not eligible for entry in this event >> in other words, no double dipping.  We use a unique identifier on each games display  to note all scores played. 


Officials will attempt to keep games in the same state of play for the duration of the month long competition but it is asked that players understand that with pinball and especially on location pinball, some things are out of our control.  If you experience a malfunction with a game then please report it using the information on the game and the operator will attempt to correct it ASAP.  If you experience a beneficial scoring malfunction please report this immediately (if you experienced it then others will also).  In the event that a game goes down for an extended duration it may be replaced.  Depending on the timing of this scenario the officials may opt to either remove the game from the month long competition or they may opt to substitute in the replacement game or may opt to use both games.  In this scenario it is to your best interest to play early in the month in the case a game needs to be removed from location but is still used for the competition.  All decisions by officials are final.  This is intended to be a fun event.  Officials will attempt to enter scores ASAP and keep the never drains page up to date with any changes in player list, current standings, or changes to rules.  Each player’s final high scores for the month will be used to rank them on each individual game and their combined ranking points on each game will be used to establish their final position for the event which will be reported to IFPA for WPPR point purposes.  In the event of ties for final ranking/reporting of finishing position TBD will be used as the 'tiebreaker' machine (higher score on this game wins any tie in total combined ranking points) following conclusion of the event.   This event concludes at midnight at the end of the month. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Registration is open NOW and you can register at any time during the month.

All rulings by officials will be done with their best judgement and are final.

Registered players


Players list now maintained on never drains tournament manager.  We average over 20 players per quarterly event.

TOP 8 Qualifiers

Updates here after qualifying is over


Scores/ Results can be found here



Trophie/Prizes for 1st-8th place will be provided.  Madison Pinball pint glasses and other door prizes provides at After-Party (must be present to win additional prizes).


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