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Burnin' Down the House Tournament!

This is the 2nd year anniversary of when Sorcerer decided to get a little toasty (read the story below)!  To celebrate this exciting little happening, we are hosting another annual event at Maria's on Saturday May 11th.  And YES THE Sorcerer will be one of the games in this tournament!

Tournament/Party Details


Where: Maria's Bar (1444 East Washington Ave, Madison, WI)

When: Saturday May 11th starting at 10:30am (opens at 10am for practice).  Expect it to wrap up around 5pm.



1. Pinball!  You love pinball and want to play in a fun tournament with great people!

2. IFPA Sanctioned tournament

3. Lunch is provided (pulled pork sandwiches, chips and cookies)

4. Three LIVE bands starting at 4pm!  The Eventuals (80's cover band), Madison's own YardDogs (70's-2000's cover band) and Milwaukee's very own Beaker!


Limited to 36 participants.

Entry fee is $25 in advance.  Includes lunch and wristband for Eventuals/YardDogs/Beaker show!

Once the spots fill up you will be put on a wait list

Coin drop to play

Please note: fees are non-refundable unless someone takes your spot

Email to request a spot - an email confirmation will be sent to then PayPal $25 to as Friends and Family to register if available.  Otherwise you'll be put on the wait list.


  • IFPA/WPPR sanctioned event that will max out value based on format.

  • 13 Rounds of in groups of 4 players, or 3 if necessary

  • 7-5-3-1 or 7-4-1 points per game

  • All rounds will be random player matches, and all games drawn randomly

  • Ranking at the end is the final ranking, and there will be no playoffs unless...

  • If there is a tie for 1st - 8th positions, a single game (randomly chosen) will be used to break the tie

  • Trophies and prizes!

Games will include (subject to change):


  Metallica pro

  KISS pro

  Star Trek pro

  Aerosmith pro






  Pop A Card

Half of the fees go towards lunch / bands / trophies.  Remainder of fees will be used for payouts (we reserve the right to round to $5 numbers) of roughly (35%+20%+15%+10%+5%+5%+5%+5%) so ($135, $110, $65, $45, $20, $20, $20, $20) if the tourney fills up.

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