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Alt Brew

The owner of AltBrew has been kind enough to allow us to host the 8th annual Mad Rollin PinBall Tournament at his fine establishment.  Please come, bring your friends and family, and support the establishment while you are here!  They have great food and drink specials!  AltBrew is locally owned and operated and we are very happy to have partnered with them for this event!  This is an ideal location for a pinball tournament with ample space and great atmosphere.  Alt Brew is located close to the highway and easy to find which is great for any guests coming in from out of town/state.  Alt Brew also supports local pinball with numerous well maintained games available for play on a daily basis.

Jersey Jack Pinball

JJP has very graciously offered to support our event and we are extremely grateful!!!  They are providing plenty of fun JJP gear and likely a few surprises are in store for tournament attendees and winners.​ 

​Please visit and support JJP to tell them thanks for what they have done to support this event and pinball.

Pinball Life

Terry at Pinball Life has also very graciously offered to support our event and we could not be happier!!!  Terry is providing some fun prizes for tournament attendees.​ 

​Please support Pinball Life to tell them thanks for what they have done to support this event and pinball.

Ben Heck (a.k.a. the coolest dude in pinball​)

What is there really to say about Ben???  He is pretty much one of the coolest dudes in pinball!!!  The guy can do anything he sets his mind to and we are fortunate enough to have him as a Wisconsinite.  Hopefully Ben will make an appearance again and have a special treat for us!

Pinball Pro

Another new sponsor.  Makers of some of the best speaker upgrade kits for your pinball machine.  I have 1 in my Adams family and another in my BK2K.  AMAZING SOUND!

Mezel Mods

Hand crafted unique mods and they are adding new products on an daily basis.  Amazing stuff and great attention to detail for blinging your game!

Comet Pinball LEDs

The BEST LEDs at the BEST prices from the BEST guy!!!  Ryan is the man to go to when you are looking for high quality LEDs for all your games.  He is a pinhead for pinheads!

Spooky Pinball

The best boutique pinball makers in the world.  Charlie and crew are seriously some of the most genuie pinballers we have ever met and they are doing amazing thing to push the hobby forward in a whole new fun and exciting way!

Tilt Amusements

When you're looking to add a new Stern pinball to your collection, be sure to contract Trent Augenstein at Tilt Amusements!  Great pricing and fantastic service - deal with the top Stern Distributor in the USA!


Provided some great gifts and SAM in-door headphone jack for 2014!!!  This headphone jack is one of the coolest things in pinball and I wish every game came with them already installed.  Great upgrade.

DK Pinball

Maker of the PIG, PIG2, and other great Pinball mods for your mods.  Use these guys when you want to really mod your games to the max!

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