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MadRollin is an open tournament with no restrictions. PinGolf will feature 2 courses with ~12 games in each course (set on 3 ball play).  PinGolf will be an individual based event and your final placing in PinGolf will be used to determine what MRP reports to IFPA for the singles event.  Players will be assigned to either course A or course B based on IFPA rank and past MRP results (please note you will NOT play on the same course as your partner for brawl).  Officials will try their best to ensure each course has a similar quality spectrum of player group assigned to the course.  PinGolf games will provide either score based or goal based objectives. ***Pingolf will feature 3 ball games.  Pingolf will also feature a playoff round (event will grade out at ~96% under new IFPA WPPR rules).  Playoffs for the top 16 people on each golf course.  Top 8 from Course A will playoff with top 8 from course B.  2 player best of 3 matches; SINGLE ELIMINATION.  Playoff is golf style also, but officials may elect that certain games are based on score for playoffs.


9-16 from each course will also playoff with each other; 2 player best of 3 mathces; SINGLE ELIMINATION.  In other words, you are qualifying against the other players on your course and will playoff against those that played the inverse course.

You must play in PinGolf in order to play in the team competition.  It is preferred that you register and prepay as a team, but individuals are welcome and encouraged to also sign up.  Pinball is all about fun and meeting new pinheads.  If you do not have a partner, then we will assist to try and find you a partner from the pool of other singles that register.

Your combined team score in PinGolf will be used to rank your team for the afternoon MadRollinPinBrawl TEAM competition.  ALL teams WILL qualify for the afternoon team event and be placed in a division based on skill.  Officials may use a combination of your combined team PinGolf score and current IFPA/WPPR rankings to determine divisional placement for MadRollinPinBrawl.  We are striving to create an event that caters to both the desires of the competitive player but also helps to build the camaraderie of a team event.

Mini-tournament is a self run honor based system with unlimited play throughout the day Friday and Saturday (pingolf participants should NOT play in side event untill done with ALL pingolf games on Sat).  We plan to have 2-3 games set up with bill acceptors plus a pad of paper for hand written scores to be denoted by each player (players are asked to photgraph all high scores for verification purposes).  $2 per game.  Unlimited play and qualifying time Fri and Sat. Saturday cut-off to be announced on day of event (likely after all main events end but subject to change).  Top 8 ranked players (based on combined high score ranking on each game) will qualify for a single elimination playoff to be done using only those machines choosen by the officials.  Format and playoff games will be announced prior to playoff start but expected to be an inverse waterfall (qualify higher and get more byes to higher rounds; qualify lower and fight your way to the win).   'Prizes' to top 4 finishers (details at event).  Please note that format is subject to change due to time constraints and the nature of issues that may/may not arise during the main event.   If you come to play in mini tourney on friday and are not part of the pre-party, then you are not allowed to be in designated pre-party areas or play any games besides the mini-tournament games.  Playing on pre-party games may result in immediate disqualification from Saturday main event.  In short, DO NOT play anything except mini-tournamnet games on Friday if you are not part of the official pre-party.

24 games total are expected.




PinGolf will start at 9:30am.  In order for this event to run smoothly it is asked that ALL players arrive on time.  Please be at ALTBREW by 9:00AM and CHECK IN.  If you do not arrive on time to start promptly at 9:30 your spot may be forfited without refund.  BE ON TIME PLEASE!
Playoffs follow golf qualifying round.  If you don't make playoffs then you haver a nice break for lunch and to play in side/mini event.

Team event will start immediately following completion of PinGolf Playoffs and run till completion.  Following completion of the team event, games will be left on free play for tournament participants to hang out and just have fun!  Side Event will likely be open all day and go till the completion of brawl (subject to change).  Please note that qualifying play for side event is expected to open on friday at 2pm. Side event games will be in main bar area and open to general public for the duration.  Please do not crash the Friday warm-up event if you are not a game bringer or pre-registered for the warm-up event in addition to the Sat main event.

We will have nice prizes and trophies for both PinGolf and all divisions of MadRollinPinBrawl.  Any funds not used for prize packages or event costs will be donated 100% to charity.


PinGolf is just as it sounds.  Pinball games will be designated as "holes" and each hole will have a set task or score that a player must accomplish.  The number of balls it takes a player to accomplish the specific goal on that game will be recorded as the number of 'strokes' on that game.  FEWER STROKES is BETTER!. 

For example, The Addams Family may have a set goal of "Start 4 mansion rooms". If a player accomplishes this goal in 2 balls then they would have a score of 2 on TAF.  Extra balls may be turned on (when available) and may be played.  Extra balls DO NOT count as an extra stroke.  If a player does not accomplish a goal in the allotted number of balls for a game, then they must take a penalty stroke.  For example, a player has only started 2 mansion rooms and they drain ball 3 on TAF, then they incur a penalty stoke, and would finish that hole with recording "4".  

Players are instructed to drain out any remaining balls after they have met the goal on that machine.  This will help game play move along more efficiently.

PinGolf will be played as a 4 pack of players and all play is based on the honor system.  Each player on a card should help keep track of others scores and insure that strokes are accurately recorded.  Anyone caught violating this honor system will be immediately disqualified and asked to leave.  Players will move through games in order based on the first game they are selected to play on.  We will do a shotgun (4 packs will be placed on all available games at the onset) start to insure efficient play during pingolf.  Tiebreakers (as needed) will be decided on a game chosen by the officials.



The team event is intended to have teams split into skill based divisions.  Officials will use the combined PinGolf scores of teammates, WPPR/IFPA current standings, and past MRP results to help ensure teams are appropriately placed into divisions. 

Hypothetically there will be 5 divisions (A, B, C, D, E) and each division will contain approximately 8 teams.  Within each division, teams will compete in a single elimination tournament based on inverse seeding (For Example>>Team 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, and 4 vs 5).  Teams will play at least 2 games for each bracket (may play 1 game in first round to speed up event) and the winning team will continue on while the losing team will be eliminated.  Scoring will be based on 7, 5, 3, 1 scoring for each game (7 points awarded to player with highest score...) with a bonus point awarded for the higher combined team score on each game.  Each team will be allowed to select at least 1 machine per round (if only 1 game in a round then higher seed selects the game).  The team selecting the game will play first and third and the other team will play second and fourth.  If extra balls are in play they may be plunged but the flippers/game may not be interacted with further.  Tiebreakers will be decided on a game chosen by the officials and each player will be allowed a single ball.  The higher combined team score after each player completes a single ball will be declared the winner of the tiebreaker.


There is a 1 time fee of $40 per player ($80 per team) to participate in this SAT tournament.  IF you are bringing a game then entry fee is $25 per player ($50 per team) for you/your partner.  Your 1 time fee must be prepaid as there are a limited number of registration slots available.  YOU MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE!   Your registration covers your entry into PinGolf and the MadRollinPinBrawl team event.  Registration fees should be paid to via Paypal or cash in person (preferred method).  Please be sure to utilize the 'gift' payment option in order to ensure more entry money goes toward prizes and the charity.  If you prefer not to use the 'gift' option then please add an additional $4 to cover fees.  If you prefer to pay via snail mail methods then email me and we will work it out.  All games for main event will be on free play.

Mini-tournaments will have there own separate registration/fees which will be paid on the day of the event.

Registration is not required to watch.  Registration is NON-REFUNDABLE.


Players must check in immediately upon arrival and be ready to commence play at the start of the event.  If you are late, your position may be revoked and your registration fee may not be refunded. 


We are currently working on some VERY nice trophies and prizes for this years event.  We intend to have prizes for numerous places in PinGolf and also for the top 2 teams (trophy for each player on a team) in each division.  Note> smaller divisions may have only trophies for first place.  Any other funds will be given to the selected charity.  

Door prizes and consolation prizes may be awarded by officials throughout the event.    We have been provided with some very nice items from our sponsors!!!

​All players, winning or not, grant Madison Pinball and Mad Rollin pinBalls, IFPA, WPPR, and all other event sponsors and organizers the right to use their names, scores, and likenesses for the purpose of promoting this tournament as well as other pinball-related events. If you have any problem with this clause, please speak with a tournament official before beginning play to see if we can accommodate your request.





Friday Night Warm Up Event


Friday night will feature a full fledged IFPA event as an incentive to bring a game to the event.  The entry fee for the Friday night warm up is 1 game brought for MRP weekend per person OR $XXX entry fee per player not bringing a game (entry will go directly towards donation to charity).  Friday night warm up event will likely grade out at 100%TGP but will not be determined until the day of the event.  Expect to play through all 24 games in a 'golf' style for the warmup pre-party.  Please note that Friday warm-up is only for those bringing a game or making a charitable donation entry in lieu of bringing a game.  Must be pre-registered for Friday night Warm-up as format will be based on total players and games.  Format will be announced on the day of the event but likely to be pin-golf style.  Pre-registration for Friday warm-up cut off when game list is full (game list is now full/registration for Friday is closed) in order to allow officials time to plan for proper event format.  Please do not show up to the warm-up unless you are registered in advance (NO day-of registraition).  Warm-up competition officially starts at 5pm on Friday Sept 21.  

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