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MadRollinPinball is an annual competition and charity event held in late summer of each year.  Local pinball collectors bring ~24 games to AltBrew to share with 80+ players and all proceeds are donated to charity!
MRP 2018 offers combined individual and team events!
You must pre-register and prepay in order to play.  
Registration opens on Saturday June 2nd; 9am
We have a STRICT limited of 80 spots (40 teams) based on # of games and time alloted for this event.


PinGolf occurs in the morning followed by a team 'brawl' style in the afternoon. Pingolf will feature a playoff following qualifying.
When: Saturday Sept 22nd 2018
Doors at 9:00 (PLEASE CHECK IN at 9:00)
Starts at 9:30 SHARP for PinGolf!!!
Singles Playoff follows pingolf
PinBrawl follows pingolf playoffs
Free Play follows PinBrawl
Side tournament also offered (qualifying open all day friday and saturday followed by sat evening playoff).


2018 Charity is for Taro's Legacy Fund .  Here's some background info on Taro and his charitable legacy fund:

"Taro was an amazing dog, more so than most folks know. In his service role he greatly helped me to get through my daily routine, and was an asset to my life in ways that most people did not see. I would like his memory to live on and bring positive energy and smiles to the world.

Today I'm starting a fund in Taro's name that will donate to organizations that provide service dogs to those who have a need, but not the means to get one. The cost for training a service dog can range from $17,000 to $70,000 or more for food, care, veterinary services, and training. Many people that have need for a service dog do not have the financial ability to pay these costs.

The Taro Legacy Fund will donate all collected funds to organizations such as The Animal Farm Foundation, and Freedom Service Dogs of America, that provide pre-trained service dogs or offer training services to people that need it.

Anyone wanting to donate can send a PayPal payment to

I will also have flyers and samples from Taro's Pinball Magazine #4 April Fools cover available at shows that I'll be attending. Any donation to the fund will get your choice of any of these items.

Please continue to keep Taro's memory alive."

-Rob Anthony


LOTS of GREAT prizes available from all our sponsors!!!

Where: AltBrew in Madison, WI
​1806/1808 Wright St

Madison, WI 53590

This event is endorsed by the

International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) and

World Pinball Player Rankings (WPPR).


FRIDAY EVENING PRIVATE PARTY for game bringers only!!!!
We are having a competition and pizza party for those that bring games on Friday night or pay a separate donation in lieu of bringing a game or being an official sponsor.   Please do not come pre-party unless registered for it.  The pre-party is a way to say thanks to those that make the event possible by bringing their amazing personal games to share.  There are NO +1 for pre-party. 
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