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Stern Army Mandalorian LAUNCH PARTY!!

Launch Party Details


I/O Arcade Bar

924 Williamson St

Madison, WI  53703

When: Wednesday, September 22, 2021.  Qualifying 4pm-10pm with playoffs starting after the monthly tournament ends!


The Launch Party will be taking place on the same night as the monthly tournament out at I/O Arcade, so stop on out and participate in both!

Qualifying: Every player gets one FREE game, and can play as often as time allows afterwards during the Launch party.  In order to play, a participant must place their name on the list and are asked to cue and be ready to play when it is their turn.  Your score is recorded after playing by a tournament director and verified by you.  If all participants in attendance/in cue at any given time have already played once, then they are allowed to play additional qualifying attempts  (Players responsibility to Void/cross out any score that is lower; players should place name on 2nd attempts list in order to re-cue and please only place name on 2nd attempts after you complete your current attempt is complete).  Priority of play is given to any players that have not yet played their 1st attempt, so they will be bumped to the front of the line for all players waiting to play their 2nd+ attempts.  Highest score for each player at the end of qualifying is used to determine the top 4 for playoffs.  Position allows player to decide playoff position.

Playoff format:

The top 4 players will playoff across 3 games including The Mandalorian with some great prizes courtesy of Stern Pinball and Madison Pinball!​